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Unspun World With John Simpson

John Simpson, in discussion with the BBC's unparalleled range of experts across the world, examines what’s next for Vladimir Putin after winning re-election.

March 2024
John Simpson analyses whether Russia has turned the tide in its war in Ukraine, looks at gang violence in Haiti and examines whether oceans will be navigated by unmanned ships.
John Simpson looks at the humanitarian situation in Gaza, analyses what it would take to bring peace there and in Ukraine, and explores the meeting of the National People’s Congress in China.
February 2024
John Simpson analyses the possibility of a ceasefire in Gaza, examines Donald Trump’s legal problems, and looks at the issues behind the widespread protests by European farmers.
John Simpson looks at Putin’s position after the death of Alexei Navalny, examines the situation in Ukraine two years after the Russian invasion and analyses the possibility of a new war in Europe.
John Simpson analyses whether Israel can win its war in Gaza, examines the Chinese economy and looks at what the outcome of Indonesia’s elections might mean.
John Simpson analyses how the Russian economy has thrived despite western sanctions, examines the American military’s role in the Middle East and looks at the developing food crisis in Ethiopia.
January 2024
John Simpson analyses whether Ukraine can win its war with Russia, examines the effect of the International Court of Justice’s ruling and looks at the challenges following an expected general election
John Simpson examines whether the war in Gaza is beginning to slip away from Israel, and analyses the implications of Iran’s missile strike on Pakistan.
John Simpson examines the strategy behind the US and UK attacks on the Houthis in Yemen and analyses whether the elections in Taiwan have made an invasion by China more likely.
November 2023
Unspun World provides an unvarnished version of the week's major global news stories - reliable, honest and essential viewing with the BBC's world affairs editor, John Simpson.
John Simpson analyses whether Israel can continue to count on the West’s support in the conflict in Gaza, and examines whether the United States and China can avoid a new cold war.
John Simpson analyses how the conflict in Gaza might shape the future of the region and how Jihadist groups view Hamas and the war. Plus, the US Presidential race with a year to go
John Simpson is in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where he analyses the chances of the war in Gaza spreading to the region.
October 2023
John Simpson analyses what the consequences of Israel's expected invasion of Gaza might be and examines whether Ukraine is any closer to winning its war with Russia.
John Simpson analyses whether the crisis in Israel and Gaza is in danger of escalating into a wider Middle East war and looks at what Iran's role might be in the situation.
John Simpson analyses what the consequences of the attacks on Israel might be and examines how European leaders are trying to tackle mass migration.
John Simpson analyses whether European support for Ukraine in their war against Russia is starting to fray.
July 2023
John Simpson analyses how Ukraine’s army can break through Russian defences and examines whether cultural artefacts should be returned to their original countries.
June 2023
John Simpson analyses the consequences for Vladimir Putin of the aborted mutiny by the Wagner group and examines whether populism is in retreat around the globe.