Upstairs, Downstairs

December 2012

Episode of Monday 17 December 2012

3.0 26 x
James's suicide throws everyone into turmoil, and Sir Geoffrey delivers the news that Eaton Place must be sold to cover James's debts.

Episode of Friday 14 December 2012

3.0 25 x
Drama series about an Edwardian household. James returns from America in October 1929 with share fever, but loses everything in the stock market crash.

Episode of Thursday 13 December 2012

3.0 23 x
Drama series about an Edwardian household. Has Georgina found the perfect fiance in Robert Stockbridge?

Episode of Wednesday 12 December 2012

3.0 19 x
Period drama series. When Georgina takes the Bellamys' car on a drunken outing to the country she hits a man and kills him. Will anyone stand up for her in court?

Episode of Tuesday 11 December 2012

3.0 19 x
Drama series about an Edwardian household. The Eaton Square household uproots for a holiday in Scotland.

Episode of Monday 10 December 2012

1.5 24 x
Period drama series. James is shocked by the unsuitable relationship between Frederick and Georgina's friend.

Episode of Friday 7 December 2012

3.0 26 x
Period drama series. The French ambassador and his family are to visit and Georgina plays hostess. Hudson is taken ill, and someone must take his place.

Episode of Monday 17 September 2012

3.0 31 x
Classic period drama series. Richard is anxious when the General Strike begins, while James is certain the staff downstairs will launch an armed revolution.

Episode of Friday 14 September 2012

3.0 22 x
The popular drama series about an Edwardian household. Richard plans to use Virginia's friendship for his own ends.

Episode of Thursday 13 September 2012

3.0 23 x
Period drama. The household is in turmoil as Hudson admits to being in love, and Georgina returns from America.