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Amy finally discovers the full scale of the conspiracy, and she must decide if she is prepared to risk everything to find those responsible.

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Series 2
In the aftermath of a brutal rescue mission, Amy is questioning everything. Kirsten begs her to come home, but Amy can’t let go of her suspicions.
Amy and Eliza are held hostage by the dissidents at the heart of the investigation, who demand their help to infiltrate the base. Kirsten will do anything to find Amy.
When an officer is stabbed on base, Eliza warns Amy to get control of her investigation. Meanwhile, Kirsten uncovers key evidence linking a squadron member to the attack.
After Amy and Kirsten battle for their lives against an armed killer, Amy follows a new lead to the Middle East. She discovers someone on the airbase was complicit in the attack.
When a weapons test turns deadly, with allies from the Middle East among the dead, all eyes are on DCI Amy Silva, who tries to ignore the politics to get to the truth.