Walking Britain's Lost Railways

February 2020

2. The Durham Coalfields

4.7 63 x
Rob tells the story of the 1822 Hetton line.

1. Derbyshire

4.0 80 x
A trip along the former London to Manchester express route.
January 2020

1. Scotland

4.0 46 x
In Scotland, Rob Bell follows the Elgin to Portsoy line.
July 2019

6. Episode 6

4.3 81 x
Rob Bell explores the lost line from Ruabon to Barmouth.

5. Somerset & Dorset

2.0 23 x
This line once transformed the fortunes of seaside towns.

4. Lake District

4.0 29 x
This lost line sustained the Lakes region with hard industry.

3. Dartmoor

4.0 50 x
The Plymouth-Exeter line was built to transport rice pudding.

2. Sheffield

3.0 26 x
Rob Bell follows the line over the bleak Pennines.

1. Scotland

3.7 42 x
In Scotland, Rob Bell follows the Elgin to Portsoy line.
October 2018

Season 1, Episode 4: Lake District

4.0 126 x
Clues that the old track through the Lake District even existed are not clear, but Rob learns that it once served mainly miners, and sustained the entire region with hard industry before becoming more of a tourist draw.
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