War Factories

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War Factories

How the Lancaster factory, one of the biggest buildings in Europe at the time, helped to create a truly war-winning weapon.

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Series 2
Japan would create arguably the greatest fighter in WW2 - the Mitsubishi Zero. But their failed War Factories would ultimately reduce the Zero to a Kamikaze plane.
The incredible story of the arms race to create America's nuclear arms factories.
While America had Ford or Chrysler or Buick, Hitler also wanted a car that would transform his nation: the 'people's car'- a Volkswagen.
Find out how Fiat didn't just make cars: they made trains, they made planes, and like modern-day kingmakers, they made and broke governments too.
The story of the discovery and exploitation of the Baku Oilfields in the Russian Caucasus, which forced Stalin and Hitler to face-off in the battle of Stalingrad.
Series 1
The remarkable story of how Stalin's massive war factories were dismantled and moved east on one and half million railway trucks, to avoid being lost to the Nazis.
The story of America's 'Liberty Ships', which were produced in incredible numbers and became known as the Model T Fords of the ocean.
The sabotaging efforts of Peugeot in Nazi-occupied France, where the bosses and workers cooperated with the Resistance to hinder the Nazis' use of military vehicles.
Henry Ford's plan, with the help of Albert Kahn, to build a giant factory in Michigan, covering 3.5million sq ft and including an aircraft production line half a mile in length.
How the Americans, once they were provoked into war, out-produced the rest of the world so quickly and by such a huge margin, including the likes of General Motors.
The role played by engineering giant Vickers during the Second World War, including the development of the Spitfire and how the Royal Navy recovered from losing so many warships.
The story behind the Krupp company, who were responsible for the manufacture of two of Germany's most feared war products - the Panzer Tank and the U-boat.
The untold secret story of war production that shaped the Second World War, beginning with how the German aviation industry came to dominate the skies of Europe.
Series 3
Hiram Maxim developed the world's first fully automatic machine gun, but it weighed a whopping 136 lbs - until British company Vickers adapted the design.
The story of the GM Opel Blitz and the American-owned war factories that would produce them, putting business before country.
The Story of of how car designer Ferdinand Porsche became one of the most influential engineers in all Nazi Germany.
The story of how Skoda's Czech factory became the cover for espionage, sabotage and the liberation of Jews from all over Europe in the 1930's.
The story of the rise of the aircraft carrier and how it changed the tactics of sea warfare.
The Spitfire, the Hurricane, the Lancaster and Wellington Bombers, and the P51 Mustang were all powered by the Rolls-Royce Merlin engine.