War Walks

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War Walks

Richard Holmes traces the events of a night of the Blitz, from the sector control room where the incoming raiders were plotted through to the efforts to save St Paul's.

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Series 2
Professor Richard Holmes walks the French beaches and breakwaters from which thousands of British troops escaped capture in May 1940.
Richard Holmes visits the site of the Battle of the Boyne, the defeat of James II by William III in 1690, and shows how the battle could have been over before it was fought.
Richard Holmes visits Britain's historical sites. He travels to Naseby, where, in 1645, King Charles I lost the decisive battle of the English Civil War.
Professor Richard Holmes travels to historic British sites. He visits the scene of Henry Tudor's victory over King Richard III, which changed the course of British history.
Professor Richard Holmes traces the history of British and Irish warfare through the centuries, visiting the site of William the Conqueror's historic victory.
Series 1
Military historian Richard Holmes follows in the tracks of the tanks of the British armoured break-out from the Normandy bridgehead in 1944.
A journey through six centuries of warfare. Military historian Richard Holmes reviews the strategic importance of the Battle for Arras in 1940.
Military historian Professor Richard Holmes looks at major battles in history. He visits the farms and fields where history hung in the balance at the Battle of Waterloo.