Waterloo Road

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Waterloo Road

Donte is rocked by the arrival of a ghost from his past that threatens life as he knows it. Meanwhile, Kim and Nicky are faced with a tricky situation.

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Series 13
Tonya is forced to take drastic action after a scandalous discovery, and Preston takes the law into his own hands.
Kelly Jo makes a momentous decision, and whilst most of the teachers are away on an inset day, Libby leads the pack as the teens run riot in the school.
Amy comes head-to-head with Schuey, but her actions cause uproar. Meanwhile, Kelly Jo has some earth-shattering news for Dean.
It’s a big day for Kelly Jo as she presents her work to the whole school as well as trying to work out who she is and where she is going. Libby proves to be a thorn in her side.
Shola’s new obsession sends shockwaves through the school, with devastating consequences for Joe and Mike.
Preston has a disastrous first day back at school, and Amy’s mentoring scheme gets off to a rocky start. As Amy battles to keep the peace, no-one can escape Preston’s line of fire.
Kim rolls out a fresh initiative that causes fireworks for staff and pupils alike, and two worlds collide when Tonya forms an unlikely bond with new boy Schuey.
Series 12
It’s the debut of Radio Waterloo Road, and as Danny uses the launch to rehabilitate himself, Myles has other ideas in mind – with explosive ramifications for the entire school.
Desperate times force Nicky to consider the unthinkable. Meanwhile, Preston and Myles challenge each other – with devastating consequences.
Kim rallies the troops when a last-minute Ofsted inspection is sprung on the team. Elsewhere, a knife crime initiative gets underway.
Shola’s behaviour causes a panic, and Val suspects that she’s hiding something from them. Meanwhile, Kelly Jo’s first day out of the BU doesn’t get off to the best start.
Preston and Kai give the school something to talk about. Meanwhile, the poetry slam gets off to a rocky start, and Donte is left red-faced.
A revelation from Kelly Jo causes huge ructions between Nicky and Debs. Meanwhile, an increasingly infatuated Amy pursues a new crush.
Dwayne clashes with a new pupil, whose arrival causes fireworks. As Dwayne continues to rebel, Joe and Mike question their future. Meanwhile, Kim’s rocked by a blast from the past.
Series 1
The past catches up with Danny at the end of term show. Meanwhile, Kim is left feeling hurt and betrayed by an unexpected person.
Samia’s day is derailed by the discovery of a group chat started by the male students. Meanwhile, Donte’s angry outburst has repercussions across the school.
As Neil bonds with refugee Norullah, the year nines are busy digging up the truth about his personal life. An inquest triggers an emotional breakdown and confession from Coral.