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We Are England

England football legend Jill Scott inspires the next generation of Lionesses to success at her childhood club in the north east.

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Nine-year-old Harry from Newcastle loves pigeons. Together with his dad, can he breed a winner in his first season racing and inspire his friends to take up the sport?
Yacob owns his home, but the council wants to knock down his estate and build a new development. Now they’re the last family left in the block, fighting to save their home.
Ruben and Lewis have been racing since the age of four, with hundreds of trophies between them. Now, with advice from their idol, they face themost important race of their careers.
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Ruben and Lewis have been racing since the age of four and dream of making it in Formula 1. Now, they’re facing a race that could make or break their careers.
A rare look inside a major cosmetics factory. We join one of the UK’s last family-owned beauty brands in their 40th anniversary year, and see how they’re beating big-name rivals.
Having grown up in poverty, money guru Emmanuel Asuquo is on a mission to solve people’s money issues during the cost of living crisis.
Meet the night workers at the UK’s largest wholesale market racing against time to get thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and veg from pallets onto our plates.
Tony fears his third-generation family cucumber farm won’t survive the season, thanks to rising energy costs. Will this be their last year in business?
Far from home, young refugees from Ukraine and other countries get a second chance in England’s schools.
Alfie and his scaffolding gang have seen first-hand the mental health struggles of colleagues in construction. Now they’re joining forces with other workers to make a difference.
John has run the Clacton Railway Working Men’s Club for decades. It’s a local institution. Now, supported by his two daughters, he tries to modernise.
Bristol Port Company brings in huge cargo ships from around the world 24 hours a day. We meet the team working through the night making sure they’re unloaded safely and on time.
We meet the workers behind the two Mini factories that run 24/7, producing nearly 1,000 cars a day.
When the rest of the world is sound asleep, the nurses battle to keep their patients alive. We follow them on a night shift at one of Birmingham’s busiest intensive care units.
Investigative journalist Livvy Haydock reveals how her past led her to chase down violent criminals.
In 1986, Peter and his lover Lindy were shot dead in Rake, Hampshire. Their killer has never been found. With the help of Sussex police, his sons are searching for answers.
Can apprentices learning the traditional welding technique of brazing stand the heat as they join an iconic folding bike company during a period of unprecedented demand?
Portsmouth boxer Ebonie gets back in the ring after a relationship that knocked her confidence, and starts living her sporting dreams again.
Yacob owns his home on an estate, but the council wants to knock it down and build a new development. Now they’re the last family left in the block, fighting to save their home.