What's Cooking Omari?

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What's Cooking Omari?

Chef Omari creates three new popcorn seasonings for the family movie night - ginger zinger, spicy lime and coconut go-go.

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Series 1
Chef Omari is cooking up the family’s favourite - a Jamaican-inspired jackfruit curry. But will it be better than the one his grandma makes?
Chef Omari is creating a delicious dinner for when dad gets home from work - cosy macaroni. This bowl of smooth, melty gorgeousness has a spicy pumpkin twist.
Chef Omari is creating his family’s favourite snack - choccy oat bars. His yummy snack, filled with oats, syrup and chocolate, is the perfect treat!
Chef Omari makes mega-loaded fries. These crunchy potato wedges topped with spicy flavours are the perfect snack for all the family.
Chef Omari is making Yum Plum Blackberry Crumble as a surprise for mum. This bowl of fruity deliciousness, topped with plum and buttery crumble, is mum’s favourite.
Chef Omari and his brother Laquarn are making Omari’s yummy Banana Shake Breakfast Shaky Shake Shake. This delicious breakfast is the perfect start for a busy day.