What's In Your Bag?

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What's In Your Bag?

In this episode, an Imam called Ajmal tells us all about how his Rehal helps to hold important books and why it’s so important to him as a Muslim.

Series 2
Ramie, who is a rabbanit, tells us all about her ram’s horn shofar and why she loves to hear the sound it makes.
Yoga instructor Finlay tells us all about how important breathing is in yoga and how his brilliant ball helps him to do it well.
DJ Annie introduces us to her dance-making DJ decks. Annie tells us how she loves to use them to mix songs together, and make them louder and quieter, or faster and slower.
Assistant referee Harley tells us how he uses his flag to help the referee make important decisions. His special waves can tell the ref when to stop the game.
We meet Brandon, a ballet dancer, who uses his fabulous foot roller to help his feet to relax after a lot of dancing.
Air traffic controller Kim shows us how her radar map works and how she uses it to help pilots when they’re flying their planes.
Lifeguard Siobhan shows us how her rescue tube can help save someone who is struggling in the water.
Chef Akwasi introduces us to his tapoli grinder. It is used with the asanka bowl to grind together ingredients that make delicious meals.
Bagpiper Kyle introduces us to his booming bagpipes. To make a sound, Kyle uses his breath and fingers in a special way.
Midwife Marley shows us how her foetal heart scanner can pick up the sound that a baby’s heart makes inside its mummy’s tummy.
Swimmer Maisie, a Paralympic gold medallist, tells us how her swimming cap helps her to go faster.
Astronomer Carole tells us how her amazing astronomy binoculars help her to see stars and planets in the night sky.
Bhangra dancer Jas tells us why she loves to wear her pretty parandi in her hair when she’s dancing at special events.
We take a closer look at a sanding block. Gemma is an upcycler who uses her sanding block to make old things look as good as new.
Series 1
Award-winning hairdresser Charlotte tells us why she loves using her Afro comb to style people’s hair.
Steve the palaeontologist tells us all about his fascinating dinosaur bone fossil that is 66 million years old!
Bharatanatyam dancer Suhani tells us all about her ghungroo, or anklet, and why she loves to wear it.
Dr Milad the dentist tells us how his dazzling dental mirror helps him to check that our teeth are strong and healthy.
Opera singer Abigail shows us how she uses her vocal straw to warm up her voice before singing.