Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

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Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads?

The day of the wedding dawns, and the women are racing around getting ready for the big event. Meanwhile, Terry has his hands full looking after a nervous Bob.

Series 1
Classic sitcom. Terry is horrified when Bob refuses to go on a stag night and insists on a quiet night in. But Bob's plan to celebrate his nuptials sober goes awry.
Classic 1970s sitcom. Mrs Chambers has grandiose plans for Thelma's wedding to Bob that leaves the men feeling overwhelmed, so they decide to rebel.
Classic sitcom. After a few drinks at a restaurant, Bob and Terry start to chat up a couple of pretty girls to see if the old magic still works.
Terry helps Bob move his most treasured possessions from his old house to the new one, but Thelma refuses to have his junk in their home.
Classic sitcom. Bob thinks Terry needs new friends, but inviting him to Alan and Brenda's trendy dinner party might not be such a great idea.
Classic sitcom. Bob and Terry must go to extraordinary lengths to avoid hearing a football score before they watch a recording of the match on TV.
Classic sitcom. Terry feels depressed when everyone forgets his birthday. To make up for it, Bob throws a surprise party, but preparations don't go according to plan.
Terry tries to track down some of his old flames, but probing into the past produces embarrassing results.
Appalled by the changes in Newcastle, Terry considers leaving to get a job in Berwick. Meanwhile, his friend's wanderlust sets Bob thinking.
Bob has doubts about his forthcoming marriage to Thelma. All his contemporaries seem to be getting divorced - even the vicar. Terry shares more memories of his failed marriage.
Thelma isn't happy that Terry and Bob have rekindled their friendship and she is worried that Terry will cause Bob to have second thoughts about their wedding.
Classic 70s sitcom. Five years have passed. Bob and Terry meet by chance on the last train home and the events of the past few years flood out.
The original men behaving badly. Bob and Terry challenge each other to a cross-country cycle race. Of course, you would expect the wily Terry to cheat - but Bob?
Laddish laughs. According to Shakespeare, 'wine is a gentle stimulant and good companion' - and so is Terry on the night Bob gets breathalysed.
70s sitcom sequel from arguably Britain's finest comedy scribes - Clement and La Frenais. To Terry's dismay, Bob scorns the stag night tradition of drunken revelry.
The classic sitcom about two ill-matched friends. 'Those whom God hath joined together let no man put asunder' - does that include Terry Collier?
Iconic 1970s sitcom with James Bolam and Rodney Bewes. Mrs Chambers has grandiose plans for Thelma's wedding to Bob. But stirred up by Terry's ridicule, the men rebel.
Laddish sitcom from the terrific team of Dick Clement and Ian La Frenais. Bob thinks Terry needs new mates, so invites him to a trendy dinner party.
Perhaps the most well-remembered episode of the classic sitcom. Bob and Terry try to avoid hearing a football score before they watch a recording of the match on TV.