Where the Heart Is

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Where the Heart Is

Drama series. Anna resolves to mount a picket at the supermarket construction site.

Series 10
Drama. David's birthday proves a bad day to celebrate as it's crunch time for the factory.
Anna and Kim welcome a new addition to the Health Centre - trainee nurse Zoe Phelps.
Series 9
Anna faces a dilemma when she becomes involved with an adoption application.
Drama series set in Yorkshire. Danny and Kim keep their romance secret.
Drama series set in Yorkshire. Simon Goddard returns from Australia unannounced.
A factory away-day goes awry, and Sally's heavy-handed treatment of Megan backfires.
Billy goes for the job of Harding's deputy at Goddards.
Danny struggles in his role as a responsible parent.
Goddard's employee Danny must decide if he can look after his niece following a tragedy.
Series 7
Anna, Sally and Beth decide to go on strike and let the men deal with Christmas.
It is Beth and Tom's wedding day, but Joe puts a spanner in the works.
Sally and Anna have their work cut out when a patient's baby goes missing.
A line dancer comes to Skelthwaite and takes a shine to Anna.
Anna puts her life in danger when she visits a distressed patient.
Sally is appalled by Nathan's taste when he falls for the rich woman.
Sally and Anna deal with a single father who is struggling to cope with his son's illness.
Beth tries to force Tom into proposing by making him jealous.
A new family arrives in Skelthwaite, putting Anna's nose out of joint.
Series 6
A single mother denies that she has a life-threatening illness to try & keep her children.