Wild About Your Garden

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Wild About Your Garden

The team face a daunting mission as they take on a garden near of one of London's busiest roads, the North Circular. Chris Beardshaw creates a bog garden.

Urban spaces receive makeovers. The team are in Milton Keynes to help a family whose father's meddling has managed to cause nigh-on irreparable damage.
Urban spaces receive reverse makeovers. The team tackles a wild garden for a Birmingham family, who are keen for a wildlife-friendly formal space with vegetable patch.
Nick Knowles attempts to give urban spaces a reverse makeover. The team faces their toughest challenge yet: to attract the rare red squirrel to a barren garden in Dundee.
Garden makeovers. Nick Knowles and the team meet a couple from Bristol, who are expecting a baby and hope for it to grow up surrounded by wildlife.
Nick Knowles gives urban spaces a reverse makeover. The team meets Betty from Crayford, who cannot understand why she does not sees butterflies any more.