Wild China


Tides of Change

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Exploring China's diverse wildlife. Ancient tea-growing cultures, bird-filled wetlands, white dolphins and futuristic cities jostle along the eastern seaboard.

Beyond the Great Wall

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Capturing China's dazzling array of creatures. The landscapes north of the Great Wall have shaped some of China's most colourful people and wildlife.

Land of the Panda

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Exploring China's array of wonderful creatures. The heartland is home to the giant panda, the golden snub-nosed monkey and the golden takin.


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Discover the array of creatures that live in China's landscapes. The Tibetan plateau is one of the world's most remote places, but is home to yaks, foxes and bears.


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Capturing China's array of creatures. In the country's far south west, jewel-coloured birds and ancient tribes share valleys with wild roaming elephants.
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