Wildlife Rescue

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Wildlife Rescue

Essex is full of the joys of spring, but there's a duckling emergency at the local swimming pool. And Sue embarks on a late-night rescue of a peregrine falcon that's got a bit lost. (Ep4)

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Series 1
The team train a malnourished grey seal pup how to be wild like the other seal pups. Can an orphaned fawn figure out how to suckle milk? And a tawny owl must prove it can fly again. (Ep3)
In Essex, the team rush to help a trapped badger. A fox club has got its head stuck in a rusty wheel. And a nest of orphaned chicks are found in an ashtray on an industrial site. (Ep2)
The team at South Essex Wildlife Hospital work to save the lives of injured animals and return them to the wild. In the first episode, a fox, a swan and a grey seal pup need help. (Ep1)