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As the full horror of the festival becomes clear, there may be no going back for Jamie when he is faced with a final, nightmarish choice.

Series 2
As devastating news reaches Jamie and Vivian, their morals are put to the test as they face what it will take to win the battle against Velorum.
After the group decide to go their separate ways, Jamie and Vivian must delve deeper to find the missing festival staff, forging new alliances along the way.
As the past comes back to haunt him, Jamie goes rogue and makes a terrifying, inhuman discovery. Meanwhile, an old adversary makes theirpresence known.
A bombshell reunion separates Jamie from his friends and puts him in grave danger, while the rest of the gang gets to grips with the eccentric festival.
Jamie and Vivian are fighting hard to expose Velorum. But the walls are closing in, and they’re forced to take desperate measures.