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Yes, Prime Minister

Classic political sitcom. Jim Hacker meets a local councillor who has radical ideas about local government. The PM likes what he hears, unlike Sir Humphrey.

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Series 2
Classic sitcom. When a scandal breaks in the City, Jim Hacker and Sir Humphrey cannot agree on who should be the new governor of the Bank of England.
Classic political sitcom. When Jim Hacker discovers the French are planning some dirty tricks to get political advantage, the PM turns the tables on them.
Classic political sitcom. When Jim Hacker's predecessor decides to publish his memoirs, the PM tries to suppress a chapter in which he appears unfavourably.
Sitcom. Sir Humphrey must stop Jim supporting a plan to move armed service jobs from the south to the north east to ease unemployment.
Series 1
Classic comedy in which minister Jim Hacker finds himself transported to Number 10. The papers of a recently deceased head of MI5 show that he was once spying for Russia.
Classic political comedy. Jim must recommend the appointment of bishops to the Queen but is not keen on the two offered by the Church.
Classic political sitcom. The government runs into a financial crisis just as MPs are due for a pay rise.
Series 2
Classic sitcom. MPs have been complaining about their phones being tapped. Jim Hacker naturally denies this, only to be told by Sir Humphrey that it is in fact true.
Political sitcom. Hacker decides to abolish the Department of Education and Science to save money, giving cash directly to schools.
Classic political sitcom. Jim Hacker faces embarrassment when Sir Humphrey tells a bigwig friend in the arts that the government is planning to cut grants.
Series 1
Classic sitcom about a beleaguered PM. Jim Hacker begins to wonder whether the government runs the Foreign Office, or vice versa.