Yianni: Supercar Customiser

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Yianni: Supercar Customiser

Meet the car wrapper to the VIPs. A flash property developer with a taste for cars - and gold - wants his AMG Mercedes C63 wrapped in the chrome shiny stuff.

Series 1
Meet Yianni Charalambous, the car customiser the stars trust with their precious motors. Yianni has to get a high-tech hybrid supercar ready in under a week.
Jamie has travelled 900 miles to get his motor wrapped by custom car king Yianni, who has just four days to get this souped-up supercar decked out.
Motoring makeovers with the man who deals in supercars and superstars. Yianni tackles a 'full chrome delete' on two high-tech electric cars. Disco Rachel pops in.
Custom car king Yianni Charalambous has to be on the ball when the owner of Billericay Town FC asks him to cover his beloved Ferrari F12 in the team's colours.
The car customiser with countless star clients gets the chance to wrap an American vehicle when the owners of a Camaro give him free reign on their motor.
Two social media stars - each with over a million subscribers - turn to Yianni for help with their motors: a Mercedes E-Class Coupe and a Lamborghini Huracan.
Yianni Charalambous caters to more custom car needs. A client wants her dull green Range Rover turned into a sparkling red sensation - to match a bikini.
The charismatic custom car king works his magic on another motor. Yianni transforms a stunning yellow Ferrari 488 into the perfectly wrapped race car.
Car wrapper Yianni Charalambous deals in supercars and superstars. Ex-Man City and Arsenal defender Bacary Sagna wants an unusual wrap for his new motor.
The go-to car customiser for A-listers pimps another ride. Joel is a fitness freak who wants his car - a Range Rover Evoque - to match his own look.
Cars with insane price tags get decked out by a virtuoso team. The owner of a P1 asks Yianni to wrap it in his signature colour: rose chrome gold.
How do you improve upon perfection? Custom car king Yianni Charalambous is challenged to create a new look for a million-pound Pagani Huayra.
The car customiser with a star-studded address book, Yianni Charalambous, gets to work. Geordie Shore's Sophie wants her Velar to shine like her lip gloss.
Friend to the stars Yianni Charalambous pimps out more A-list vehicles. DJ Charlie Sloth, an old mate of Yianni's, wants his tour bus blinged up.
Series 3
Yianni suggests a chrome pink wrap for a rare supercar being readied for a car rally, but the owners of the vehicle need some serious persuasion.
A customer asks Yianni and the team to make his two very different cars look uniform, each having a subtle grey wrap and a bold black centre stripe.
A Rolls Royce for Omar Sharif is wrapped in creamy white and chrome rose gold, which mixes classic styling and a chrome wrap.
Series 2
Yianni Charalambous works on a chrome-red wrap for a luxury 4x4, given as a first car to a 17-year-old, who then wants it to look that bit more personalised.
Yianni Charalambous creates a half-black and half-white wrap on a van for Charlie and Jay, two friends who run a business together.