Young & Hungry


Series 3 Episode 10 Young & Getting Real

Expired 4.0 4 x
Kym Whitley, who plays Yolanda in the sitcom, hosts a Q&A session in which a studio audience of the show's biggest fans put questions to the cast. Plus a look back at the actors' favourite moments.

Series 2 Episode 21 Young & Christmas

Expired 3.0 10 x
Gabi and Sofia volunteer at a homeless shelter on Christmas Eve. Gabi urges Yolanda to reach out to her estranged sister. Josh goes out of his way to cheer up a miserable Elliot, who is missing Alan.

Series 3 Episode 9 Young & Coachella

Expired 3.0 3 x
Gabi's food goes down a storm at a music festival, which provides an appreciative crowd for her cooking, though the food truck isn't the only success. With Gabi on cloud nine, Sofia seeks new company.

Series 4 Episode 10 Young & Screwed

Expired 3.0 7 x
Gabi, Sofia and Yolanda stay with Josh while their apartment building is treated for termites, but Josh and Gabi both feel uncomfortable about it. Alan suggests a weekend getaway to cheer up Elliot.

Series 4 Episode 9 Young & Matched

Expired 4.0 5 x
Gabi and Josh go to a speed-dating event and make a bet about who can get the most dates without Josh revealing he's rich or Gabi exploiting her beauty. Yolanda and Sofia help Elliot bond with Keisha.
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