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A Perfect Spy

While Brotherhood and his agents search the Vienna house for clues to Pym's disappearance, Axel makes contact with Mary.

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May 2024
Magnus is living in the US and still bailing his father out of trouble, but after an interrogation, he seeks refuge at the seaside.
With Magnus Pym working in Washington with Axel, the heads of GB and US intelligence argue over his loyalty.
On hearing of Rick's death, Pym and Mary return to Vienna. Pym then rushes off to England but fails to return to Vienna as planned.
1980s adaption of the John le Carre novel. In the years between 1953 and 1959, Magnus betrays his father Rick and renews his acquaintance with Axel.
The story of Magnus Pym's rise and fall in the intelligence world begins in his youth, as he leaves his troubled family behind to face the trials of boarding school.
1980s adaption of the John le Carre novel. Magnus, sent on an errand to Switzerland, meets two men who will be important in his life as a spy.