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The police are called to Home Farm and arrest Zoe on suspicion of assault.

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Series 34
Scott proposes to Zoe, but she responds by revealing exactly what she thinks of him.
A visit from a social worker alerts Zoe to Scott and Viv's scheming.
Scott is overcome with emotion when Zoe asks him to start a new life with her in America.
Louise ends her affair with Matthew, and Zoe thinks twice about leaving the village.
Louise becomes uneasy about Matthew, and Val tries to persuade Pollard to let her move in.
Pollard rounds on Val after his birthday party fiasco, and Matthew makes a pass at Louise.
Val plans to dupe the villagers for a party, and Jack stuns the Woolpack regulars.
Terry collapses after a night of drunken revelry, and Tamsin is outraged by Andy.
Season 34, Episode 4071 of the TV-show Classic Emmerdale was broadcast by ITV3 on Monday 13 May 2024 at 12:30.
Zak is impressed by Cain's willingness to stand by Debbie, and Daz tells Andy the truth.
Cain is stunned to learn that Debbie is now a mother and is consumed with guilt.
Emily learns that Debbie's waters have broken and races to the hideaway.
Debbie flees to her hideaway, and Carl looks on glumly as the locals send off Chas.
Debbie agrees to see a doctor, and Andy is delighted when Viv's dance tuition pays off.
Daz begs Debbie to see a doctor immediately, and Andy visits Viv for dancing lessons.
A concerned Daz follows Debbie to her hideaway, and Lesley drives Nicola up the wall.
Scott and Viv manipulate Zoe, and Rodney is forced to offer Lesley accommodation.
Scott and Viv conspire behind Zoe's back, and Zak's taunts make Chas more determined.
Chas is not convinced that Carl will miss her, and Tom asks Sadie to negotiate a contract.