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Ethan collapses, Charles is terrified, and Dawn is concerned.

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Series 53
Tom is frustrated, Ethan overhears a conversation, and Leyla is suspicious of Ella.
Ella holds a secret, Ruby is left rattled, and Caleb is delighted to see Chas back.
Tom pushes Belle over the edge, and Ella is rattled by Liam's intrusive questions.
Ethan collapses on Main Street, and Mack and Charity get intimate in a barn.
Will encourages Dawn to go home and make up with Billy, and Caleb and Ruby seek revenge.
Billy struggles to juggle his conflicting priorities, and Tom throws Belle under the bus.
Tom continues to manipulate Belle, Laurel gives Gabby food for thought, and Kim has envy.
Tom listens in on Belle on the puppy cam before turning on her, and Paddy feels guilty.
Tom continues to isolate Belle, and Mandy asks Gabby to cheer Vinny up.
Ella feels overwhelmed, Vinny opens up to Paddy about loneliness, and Caleb vows revenge.
Nicky continues to fight for his life, and Amy agrees to give Pollard one last chance.
Ethan is covering his guilt, Kerry confronts Pollard, and Kim is frustrated.
Ethan makes a big decision as Kerry makes a big discovery and acts fast.
Nicky plans his future, Paddy consoles Marlon, and Kerry needs to raise money fast.
Tom and Belle welcome their guests for dinner, but tension simmers at the table.
Tom has a bad day at work, Belle feels the pressure, and Moira meets Ruby for lunch.
Tom spots something up with Belle, and Ruby starts a vicious rumour about Moira.
Billy gives some bad news to the family, and Belle is worried that she could be pregnant.
A bruise turns Dawn and Billy's lives upside down, and Chas faces her new reality head on.