Hairy Bikers: Route 66

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Hairy Bikers: Route 66

On the last leg of their Route 66 odyssey, the bikers make a small detour to the city of light, Las Vegas, to learn how to make the best mashed potato in the world.

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Series 1
The bikers cross the state of Arizona in search of the Wild West. They are invited to a traditional Navajo barbecue where a sheep is butchered, grilled and eaten alongside some traditional fry bread.
Dave and Si ride from Texas into New Mexico, exploring the small independently owned restaurants and food producers, and cooking carnitas with mac and cheese and a grown-up chilli chocolate pie.
Dave and Si are on the trail of Oklahoma’s famous beef. In Oklahoma City, a classic T-bone steak is followed by a visit to the city’s Vietnamese community to knock up Vietnam’s national dish, pho.
On the second leg of their Route 66 adventure, Dave and Si travel through three states to discover what lies beneath the legend of this iconic road.
The first helping of this epic adventure runs from Chicago to St Louis. Dave and Si discover hickory smoked BBQ meat and a rather soggy Italian beef sub roll.