Kavos Weekender

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Kavos Weekender

It's the final weekend for El Jefe and his rep team as they greet one last lot of guests.

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Series 1
El Jefe is putting his reps to the ultimate test, and Ethan's pulling out all the stops.
David enlists Tyler to help put Tash and Ethan on a bed-sharing and kissing ban.
David is embracing the art of manifestation this time, but can he manifest a true deputy?
David is back to his demanding self, and he orders his team to turn over a new leaf.
El Jefe returns to reclaim his Head Rep crown - new eps every Tuesday
It's a new weekend in Kavos but groundhog day for El Jefe, who is still in isolation.
The season is in full swing, but not for El Jefe, who is isolating in his hotel room.
It's the second week in Kavos, and El Jefe is keeping a watchful eye on his rookie reps.
It's the start of a new season in a new location - can Head Rep David succeed in Greece?