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Brand new series - Killer's Block: Harley wrestles with where she fits on the hero-villain spectrum. And Harley and Ivy head to the moon to take Lex down once and for all. (S4 Ep10)

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Series 4
Brand new series - Potato Based Cloning Incident: When Lex's Ozone Machine blocks the sun out and stems Ivy's powers, she must rely on her business acumen to take him down. (S4 Ep9)
Brand new series - Il Buffone: When Lex's attempt to make history with his ozone machine comes up short, he holds Nora, King Shark and Volcana hostage at the LOD. (S4 Ep8)
Brand new series - The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time: Tired of fighting for time on Ivy's insane calendar, Harley traps her in a time sphere. (S4 Ep7)
Brand new series - Metamorphosis: Harley investigates the sudden death of a hero, while Ivy tries to take down the Jons. The Joker announces a career change. (S4 Ep6)
Brand new series - Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up: When she's shunned by Nightwing, Harley attempts to track down Batgirl with help from the missing hero's roommate, Alicia. (S4 Ep5)
Brand new series - The First Person to Come Back from a Business Conference Without Chlamydia: Ivy's invited to a conference on the moon. But her excitement is soon cut short. (S4 Ep4)
Brand new series - Icons Only: During a getaway to Las Vegas, Harley devises a way to fit in at the evilest hotel, while Ivy obsesses over securing tickets to Clayface's new show. (S4 Ep3)
Brand new series - B.I.T.C.H.: After violating the Bat Family's cardinal rule, Harley must train under Alfred. At a prestigious business brunch, Ivy finds an unexpected mentor. (S4 Ep2)
Brand new series - Gotham's Hottest Hotties: Harley's struggling to earn the Bat Family's respect; will a search for a mysterious new serial killer help curry favour with them? (S4 Ep1)