Hidden Assets

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Hidden Assets

Claire and her CAB team are in a race against time to finally unmask those behind the terrorist bombings before the Antwerp port deal is signed.

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Series 2
As Claire and Christian close in on hard evidence regarding the bombings, Frances Swann executes a callous plan to force Bibi to Antwerp.
In the aftermath of a chilling attack in Ireland, Claire heads to Antwerp to make contact with a key witness. Christian hits a dead end, but help comes from an unexpected source.
Bibi Brannigan's life hangs in the balance when a hitman arrives in Ireland. A PR disaster threatens Frances Swann's plans, forcing her to take drastic action.
DS Claire Wallace and CI Christian De Jong are shocked to discover who was behind the terrorist attacks, but as the body count grows, will they be able to prove it?
Sixteen months after the bombings, Trestford boss Richard Melnick is found dead in Antwerp. At his memorial service, Bibi is told to leave by Frances Swann, Melnick's successor.