In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy

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In Love & Toxic: Blue Therapy

Brand new series: Tunde drops the mother of all bombshells, Lucky and Annah play tit-for-tat on the affair front, and Tang reaches stalemate on setting a date to say 'I do'. (Ep6/6)

November 2023
Brand new series: Annah shares a secret. Tang's unwillingness to tie the knot threatens the peace with Temi. And will Rae's shock confession end her relationship with Shaun? (Ep5/6)
October 2023
Brand new series: Shaun confesses a secret involving Rae's friend, but Rae has a secret of her own. As Lucky and Annah start their journey, flaws are exposed in their relationship. (Ep4/6)
Brand new series: A shocking revelation from Michael leaves Lauren reeling. And new couple Tang and Temi lay out their dwindling sex life in their first session on the couch. (Ep3/6)
Brand new series: Could Marie's love of the high life and Tunde's trust issues threaten their future? And a third party is revealed in Michael and Lauren's turbulent relationship. (Ep2/6)
Brand new series: Young couples confront their deepest fears and secrets in a bold quest to mend their relationships. Will a shock revelation derail a 10-year union forever? (Ep1/6)