Married At First Sight Australia

September 2020

Series 5, Episode 30 - Series 5 Episode 30

3.0 67 x
Brand new series: Our couples say goodbye and return home to deliberate the biggest decision of their lives - do they want to continue their relationship? (S5 Ep30)

Series 5, Episode 29 - Series 5 Episode 29

4.5 60 x
Brand new series: As the vow renewal ceremonies begin, Tracey and Dean - and Patrick and Charlene - make life-changing decisions. (S5 Ep29)

Series 5, Episode 28 - Series 5 Episode 28

3.0 48 x
Brand new series: The five couples come together one last time for the farewell dinner party before leaving the experiment to decide whether to renew their vows. (S5 Ep28)

Series 5 Episode 27

4.0 36 x
Brand new series: The couples must address any outstanding issues before they make the decision whether to renew their vows or not. (S5 Ep27)

Series 5 Episode 26

4.0 44 x
Brand new series: The final dates kick off before the couples decide whether to renew their vows. And they gain outside perspectives in partner-swapping one-on-ones. (S5 Ep26)

Series 5 Episode 25

4.0 74 x
Brand new series: It's the final commitment ceremony. With the couples still reeling from the fallout of the boys' night out, it's certain to be an explosive one. (S5 Ep25)

Series 5 Episode 24

4.0 42 x
Brand new series: The fallout from the boys' night out continues, plunging the next dinner party into chaos. And it may be the beginning of the end for some couples. (S5 Ep24)

Series 5 Episode 23

3.0 80 x
Brand new series: The couples face one-on-ones with their partner's closest friends and family, followed by boys' and girls' nights out. (S5 Ep23)

Series 5 Episode 22

4.0 58 x
Brand new series: Charlene has to survive dinner with her meddling mother-in-law. Meanwhile, things aren't improving for troubled couple Gab and Nasser. (S5 Ep22)

Series 5 Episode 21

4.0 73 x
Brand new series: Nasser's behaviour during the brides' homestays has left his relationship with Gab on the rocks. And other couples struggle with physical intimacy. (S5 Ep21)
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