Line of Duty

Series 6

Series 6, Episode 7

4.7 97 x
AC-12 close in on 'H', the Fourth Man (or Woman) orchestrating the network of corrupt officers.

Series 6, Episode 6

3.0 37 x
AC-12 struggle to come to terms with tragic events, redoubling their efforts to root out any remaining corrupt officers.

Series 6, Episode 5

3.0 39 x
AC-12 link Gail Vella’s murder with a historic case of police corruption, but forces beyond their control threaten to derail the investigation.

Series 6, Episode 4

2.3 147 x
DCI Jo Davidson faces increasing pressure from all sides as AC-12 make major breakthroughs in the investigation, but an attempt to interview a key witness goes horribly wrong.

Series 6, Episode 3

4.0 42 x
A new witness comes forward claiming to have crucial evidence in Gail Vella's murder. Kate is torn between her loyalty to Jo and to AC-12.

Series 6, Episode 2

3.0 47 x
AC-12 suspect a cover-up as an officer on DCI Davidson's team appears to have sabotaged the inquiry into Gail Vella's murder.

Series 6, Episode 1

3.0 94 x
AC-12 investigate DCI Jo Davidson's apparent mishandling of the murder of an investigative journalist.
Series 2

Series 2, Episode 1

4.5 141 x
Police drama series. A brutal ambush on a police convoy leaves three officers dead and a protected witness fighting for his life. AC-12 turn their spotlight on Lindsay Denton.

Series 1: Episode 5

3.0 29 x
Drama series. With Gates on the run, the anti-corruption team come under pressure to close the case. Arnott is forced to make some tough decisions about where his loyalties lie.

Series 5: Episode 6

4.3 311 x
In a nail-biting 90-minute finale, Hastings' secrets are laid bare. Will 'H' be revealed at last?