London Kills

April 2020

Series 2: 5. Capture

3.0 44 x
The man who knew the fate of DI Bradford’s wife is found dead.

Series 2: 4. Turf War

4.0 50 x
The shooting of two men links a slick casino owner to a suffering woman and her rash son. DI Bradford gets some bad news.

Series 2: 3. Family Affairs

4.0 59 x
Illicit passions lie behind an au pair’s sleazily staged murder. Has DI Bradford’s secret been discovered?
March 2020

Series 2: 2. The Ultimate Price

4.0 15 x
A young boy’s 999 call opens a distressing case for the murder squad. Vivienne investigates stories she finds suspect.

Series 2: 1. The Dark

3.0 30 x
Grisly remains reveal year-old sins of student housemates.

Series 1: 5. Connected

3.0 21 x
A manipulative murderer strikes too close to home for the squad’s comfort.

Series 1: 4. Sex Games

4.5 14 x
A sleazy dating website is the key to the case of a woman’s body washed up from the Thames.

Series 1: 3. Blood Lines

3.0 12 x
Infidelity leads to a man being found dead in bed and a woman being menaced. Illicit help traces a suspect.
June 2019

Series 1: 2. Stag Night

2.5 48 x
Disturbing secrets are exposed about a man struck down on his stag night.

Series 1: 1. The Politician's Son

3.0 53 x
A cruelly displayed corpse leads the detective quartet to questionable decisions and concern over a deeper mystery.First in a week of intense cases for a Met Police murder squad.