Pirata And Capitano

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Pirata And Capitano

Captain Claw needs help after forgetting to sign his pirate diploma.

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Series 2
The Pink Skull crew goes in search of Capitano and Pineapple-Wilson's seaplane.
Pirata, Capitano and the Star Pirates discover a book written by Hootsie-the-Dreamer.
Pirata and Capitano meet the mermaids trying to save the coral.
Pirata and Capitano discover the map leading to the treasure of the White Island.
The friends find a magnificent wreck. But Dodo decides to steal it.
Professor Pippa announces a heatwave and asks our heroes to ensure that everyone's safe.
The Pink Skull is on his way to find Pirata's 1000th treasure.
Pepe-The-Meddler tries to blackmail Murana.
Pirata and his friends search for the treasure of Conger-The-Joker.
Weboo agrees to replace Mister Fuddleponch to help on the Fiddle Brothers' galley.
While playing a game of Omino, the crew of the Pink Skull discover a treasure map.
Capitano and Pineapple-Wilson accidentally injure a large sea turtle.
The Queen of Mermaids has lost the star rock of her sceptre.
The Buccaneer kidnaps Weboo so that he writes him a song to his glory.
Pirata and Capitano stumble upon a little being who has a strange ability.
After eating a Pixilily flower, Roberto wakes up in the middle of the night.
Pirata and Capitano must watch over Barracuda Island while Captain Claw is away
Pirata and Capitano take care of the venerable Baotree.
After Murana steals the Key of Tides from Captain Claw, our heroes must save the day.