Wonders of the Monsoon


Episode of January 5, 2015

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Our story begins as the relationship began - humans entered the region as hunter-gatherers. On the Philippine island of Palawan, near Borneo, for part of the year, people still hunt in the forest and live in caves. As with their ancient forebears, their lives are underpinned by a closeness to and a spiritual respect for nature.
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Episode of December 27, 2014

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Between Australia and Asia, sit thousands of rain-drenched tropical islands, many pocked with volcanoes and each a strange, unique world of wonderful life. Killer leeches, volcano worshippers, loving monkeys and monstrous carnivorous plants all thrive here, thanks to the unusual world in which the monsoon comes not just once, but twice a year.

Episode of December 20, 2014

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During the part of the year that the monsoon doesn't bring rain, the winds reverse, bringing instead dry air and even drought to large parts of the region.

2. Deluge

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With a whisper on the wind, pre-monsoon showers come to Thailand. Assamese macaque monkeys play in the waters and gorge themselves on a monsoon delicacy of water snails.

Episode of December 8, 2014

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From India to Australia, all life awaits the transforming power of the monsoon rains.