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4 O'Clock Club

Everyone’s full of festive spirit at Elmsmere - apart from Ding Dong, who cancels Christmas. But he’s forced to reconsider his decision when he gets some very surprising visitors.

Series 3
When Mr Bell bans Christmas, it is up to the 4 O'Clock Club gang to bring festive cheer to Elmsmere. While Josh plays Santa, Nathan comes home with a big surprise.
Series 8
Polly has helped Evan with his family - but can he ever forgive her for revealing his secret? Meanwhile, Owen and Chester compete to see who will win the Pupil of the Year trophy.
Darnesh has to eat a jar of picked eggs before the sell-by date expires. And Eli sees the girl of his dreams but makes the mistake of involving Fleur and Eleesha in his lovelife
Polly’s perfect day with Evan suddenly goes horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Eli thinks Owen has a secret girlfriend… but gets a shock when he learns who Owen is really hanging out with.
Bell is booked at a magic conference – but the real trick is how to sneak out without Mrs Morgan knowing. Meanwhile Nunn finds himself in a running battle with Isaac’s pet goat.
This special 100th episode follows Nero’s exploits seeking fame and fortune in Hollywood. With no money, the world’s worst agent and only 24 hours to go, can he make the big time?
Eli visits his poorly nan and discovers that hospitals can be much more fun for patients than visitors. Meanwhile, Darnesh’s prank with a locker backfires when he gets stuck in it.
Danny gets PC Rowe a birthday cake – but his icing skills leave much to be desired. Meanwhile the death of the school hamster brings up some unsettling memories for Mr Nunn.
Danny wants to ask PC Rowe on a date - but will nerves mean he’ll never find romance? Meanwhile Amber’s plans to win a lifetime’s supply of chocolate get awfully messy.
Can Amber eat the delicious snacks served at book group - but avoid reading the book? And when Owen needs a case-study for psychology he thinks badboy Evan is the perfect subject.
Darnesh discovers his locker is haunted by a hungry ghost with a sweet tooth. Meanwhile Eli and Fleur learn to tango, but the dance of love could spell the end of their friendship
Everyone is curious about Fleur’s new boyfriend – but his secret identity is more surprising than any rumour. Meanwhile CJ and Nunn go to war over a pair of second-hand underpants
Polly’s first day of term doesn’t go to plan when she’s asked to look after troublesome new boy Evan. Meanwhile, Bell’s return as head teacher is doomed to failure from the start.
Series 7
Comedy series. Polly plans the end-of-year Talent Show - but could it mean the end of her school career? And Amber tries to impress Ingrid.
Comedy series. Fleur and Eleesha get out of a trip with Polly by inventing Fleur's fake nanna. But when Polly realises they're lying, she decides to take her revenge.
Comedy series. CJ wins a family holiday and has to get Bell and Maddie to pretend they're married. Polly holds a raffle for cash to decorate the common room.
Comedy series. Isaac tries to catch a mouse in school using Darnesh's cat, with disastrous consequences. And Polly tries to help Owen move on.
Comedy series. Polly launches a phone into space on a weather balloon. And Owen tries to earn his Scouts entertainment badge.
Comedy series. Bell agrees to take Maddie's son on a trip to the local museum - but loses him! And Amber tries to convince Ingrid that mummies really exist.