4 O'Clock Club

May 2020

Series 8: 13. Prizes

3.0 4 x
Polly has helped Evan with his family - but can he ever forgive her for revealing his secret? Meanwhile, Owen and Chester compete to see who will win the Pupil of the Year trophy.

Series 8: 12. Eggs

3.0 4 x
Darnesh has to eat a jar of picked eggs before the sell-by date expires. And Eli sees the girl of his dreams but makes the mistake of involving Fleur and Eleesha in his lovelife

Series 8: 11. Beans

3.0 3 x
Polly’s perfect day with Evan suddenly goes horribly wrong. Meanwhile, Eli thinks Owen has a secret girlfriend… but gets a shock when he learns who Owen is really hanging out with.
April 2020

Series 9: 13. Limo

4.0 11 x
Can renting a swanky limo help Owen get a date for prom? Meanwhile, Reiss and Coco’s mum could be home from prison - but is that really such good news?

Series 9: 12. Glasses

4.0 10 x
When short-sighted Nunn runs out of contact lenses, Henry steps in as his human guide dog. And Clinton gets Reiss excluded from school – but has to keep it secret from PC Rowe!

Series 9: 11. Cello

3.0 9 x
Violet dreams of playing the cello but hasn’t bargained for competition from Darnesh. And Nunn gets some unwelcome help from Henry when he is ordered to fundraise for the school.

Series 9: 10. Elvis

3.0 5 x
Coco’s school uniform gets ruined so she borrows Henry’s spare outfit – an Elvis costume! And Chester turns detective when he discovers a borrowed book is missing from the library
March 2020

Series 9: 9. Kissing

4.0 6 x
Owen has a date and needs to learn how to kiss fast - but who will volunteer to teach him? Meanwhile, Darnesh rewrites Bell’s boring autobiography to make his life sound more exciting

Series 9: 8. Brooch

3.0 9 x
When Clinton forgets Emily’s birthday, he finds a perfect last-minute gift in school lost property! Meanwhile, Polly and her mum go on a trip, so Evan plans a party at their house.

Series 9: 7. Fishing

3.0 12 x
Nunn is forced to spend quality time with Henry and takes him on a weekend fishing trip. Meanwhile, Miss Wrigley wants her portrait painted and makes the mistake of asking Darnesh.
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