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Abbott Elementary

Brand new series - Zoo Balloon: On Abbott's annual day out to the zoo, Tariq mentions that he's been offered a job in New York, and Janine struggles with a big choice. (S1 Ep13)

Brand new series - Ava vs Superintendent: The school board threatens to pull funds, so Janine and Gregory help Ava with her presentation - but their plan is soon derailed. (S1 Ep12)
Brand new series - Desking: The students participate in a new online trend that creates disruption at the school, so the teachers band together to try to put an end to it. (S1 Ep11)
Brand new series - Open House: Janine prepares to meet her struggling student's mother at parents evening, while everyone else uses the time to relax. (S1 Ep10)
Brand new series - Step Class: Ava asks Janine to help with the after-school step class, but they can't agree on how to run it. Barbara, Melissa and Jacob plan a pizza eat-off. (S1 Ep9)
Brand new series - Work Family: After Jacob reveals a detail about his personal life, Janine realises she doesn't know the other teachers as well as she thought. (S1 Ep8)
Brand new series - Art Teacher: Janine is thrilled when her best friend from college is hired as the art teacher. Jacob and Barbara decide to start a school garden. (S1 Ep7)
Brand new series - Gifted Program: Janine convinces Ava to start a gifted programme at Abbott led by Jacob, and Barbara encourages a hesitant Melissa to start dating again. (S1 Ep6)
Brand new series - Student Transfer: After a negative teacher review, Janine gets a confidence boost when a student gets transferred from Melissa's class into hers. (S1 Ep5)
Brand new series - When a new computer programme is introduced, Janine is excited to help Barbara, but Barbara is reluctant to accept change, and a tricky situation arises. (S1 Ep4)
Brand new series - Wishlist: The teachers make a viral video, asking the local community for new school supplies. Janine encourages Gregory to decorate his classroom. (S1 Ep3)
Brand new series - Light Bulb: Janine tries to fix every problem when she notices a flickering light bulb in the hallway, and Gregory asks Barbara for help talking to a parent. (S1 Ep2)
Brand new series - Pilot: Emmy-winning mockumentary sitcom following a group of dedicated, passionate teachers - and a slightly tone-deaf principal - in Philadelphia. (S1 Ep1)