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All American

Beverly High's big homecoming game is imminent and Spencer is feeling the pressure.

Series 1
Friendships are put to the test at an explosive homecoming dance.
Spencer has a reason to return to Crenshaw - and an increasingly distant Coop.
A surprise guest causes disaster during Spencer's birthday party.
Spencer becomes seduced by the Beverly Hills lifestyle.
Spencer and Jordan spend an unexpected day in Crenshaw and Billy has identity struggles.
Spencer has some realisations and discovers that life is very different in Beverly Hills.
Rising football star Spencer is conflicted when a Beverly Hills school coach recruits him.
Series 4
After an intense ending to the party, Spencer tries to focus on the homecoming game.
JJ plans a party as tensions between Spencer and Asher are on the rise.
Spencer is ready to take the next step in his branding journey.
Spencer and Olivia are forced to acknowledge their differences.
With the heat now on Spencer, he must figure out what his brand is - and he isn't alone.
As some of Spencer's teammates land lucrative deals, his ambitions for them grow.
After his work seems to go unnoticed, Spencer considers a different plan.
After weeks of hard work, Spencer has high hopes of playing in his first college game.
Spencer and Olivia try to look forward to a fun day together.
Spencer tries to work out how to balance everything in his life.
As everyone adjusts to their new lives, Spencer has more than workouts to get used to.
Spencer, Jordan, Asher and JJ are living it up at JJ's rented summer beach house, but Spencer is conflicted by the sponsorship opportunities he's been offered.