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Beechgrove Garden

George and Carole plant some blight-resistant varieties of potato in the garden.

April 2024
Carole and George are at Beechgrove to review how the wild, wet winter has affected the garden.
December 2023
Beechgrove follows Sophie McKilligan from being a budding allotment holder in Aberdeen to blossoming as a gardener at Culzean Castle.
November 2023
George Anderson and Lizzie Schofield provide more seasonal tips from the garden.
George Anderson and Carole Baxter tackle viewers' questions from Beechgrove Garden, and there’s a visit to father and daughter gardeners Erin and Joe Armstrong.
Scott and Calum have some colour on the horizon and are protecting the garden from the worst of the winter still to come.
Carole Baxter and Scott Smith tackle all the garden jobs that need to be done at this time of year.
September 2023
Carole Baxter and George Anderson look back at how the 2023 growing season has been.
It’s time to review the season’s growing successes, so George Anderson is looking over the plants and produce of 2023 in Joppa.
George builds mini cold frames out of recycled materials to see just how productive you can be in a small space.
Carole Baxter reviews the success of Beechgrove's wildlife-friendly planting project.
With autumn looming, there is still plenty to do for Kirsty Wilson and Calum Clunie. Kirsty deals with the dahlias, while Calum reviews the clover lawn he sowed earlier in the year
Carole Baxter checks in on Beechgrove's sweet peas, planted with a blue theme to mark the programme's sapphire anniversary.
August 2023
Carole Baxter talks about the many bugs, blights and diseases that can attack your plants: what they are, what damage they can do, and how best to stop them.
Calum is sowing a selection of tasty winter vegetables, and Carole harvests the blooms planted in the spring.
The Beechgrove team find ways to connect trendiness with sustainability to garden for a greener future.
Kirsty checks on her hot border, Calum is planting potatoes, and Scott demonstrates how to prune a rambling rose.
George Anderson and Carole Baxter harvest the first of the year’s potatoes, and pick blackcurrants and gooseberries.
We are treated to a special, behind-the-scenes tour of some of Scotland’s best-loved public gardens, including the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh, Scone Palace’s hedge maze and Branklyn Gardens.
July 2023
Head gardener Scott Smith heads for the Picket Fence Garden to check on the roses.