Ben and Holly's Little Kingdom


39. The Wand Factory

4.0 4 x
Holly visits the wand factory to get her broken wand mended.

11. The Lost Egg

4.0 3 x
Ben, Holly and Gaston find a large egg in the meadow.

26. Queen Holly

3.0 0 x
Holly is left in charge when King and Queen Thistle go away on important business.

25. Betty Caterpillar

3.0 2 x
Ben and Holly make a new caterpillar friend.

24. Books

3.0 2 x
Queen Thistle reads the children a story about the stars.

23. Ben's Birthday Card

4.0 2 x
Holly forgets Ben's birthday, and rushes home to make him a birthday card.

22. Trip To The Seaside

4.0 3 x
Holly and Ben take a trip to the seaside.

21. Gaston's Visit

3.0 2 x
Gaston catches a cold, so Holly invites him to stay at the Little Castle.

20. Morning Noon And Night

4.0 4 x
The Wise Old Elf teaches the children how to tell the time.

19. The Royal Golf Course

4.0 3 x
A gnome is brought in to rid the king's golf course of a mole.
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