Clive Myrie's Italian Road Trip

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Clive Myrie's Italian Road Trip

Clive submerges himself in the famous hot springs of Saturnia and joins Italy’s last surviving cowboys, known as the Butteri, to learn how to lasso and barbecue the perfect steak.

Series 1
Getting off the tourist track, Clive tries his hand at Italy’s fastest growing sport, stays in the city’s most unusual hotel, and gives an ancient Roman art form a personal spin.
Clive makes a wriggly catch on a fishing expedition across Europe’s biggest volcanic lake and discovers how scientists are fighting to save an ancient citadel from destruction.
Immersing himself in Naples’s street life, Clive tries crafting one of the city’s characterful presepi figurines and bags a backstage pass to the world’s oldest opera house.
Clive spent his fiftieth birthday on the touristy island of Capri. This time, he wants to meet some locals - which is how he ends up being invited to play tambourine at a wedding.
On the Bay of Naples, Clive finds out why the foothills of an active volcano are the perfect location for a farm and why Italy’s first trains were made in Britain.
Clive travels to the heart of Sicily to cook lunch in a community kitchen set up by Jamie Oliver’s former restaurant manager and spends the night in a 700-year-old mansion.
In Sicily, Clive joins geologists working on Mount Etna to predict its next big eruption and heads to Modica to learn how to make an ancient recipe
Clive explores the ancient subterranean city where people have lived underground for millennia and meets the Scotsman who swapped office life for olive farming.
Vintage car fan Clive joins the 100 Miglia rally through Prosecco country and discovers why his favourite tipple might be even better when harvested by the light of the moon.
Clive searches out the secret corners of the famous floating city, meeting a count whose palace has become a luxury hotel and discovering a garden island visitors rarely find.
Clive heads to his favourite city to stay with his closest Italian friend, Andrea, and goes to Lake Garda to discover why Italians live some of the longest lives in Europe.
In his search for la dolce vita (the sweet life), Clive discovers why an osteria is superior to a pub, how to make perfect pasta and the dark history of an 800-year-old tower.
To discover how a typical Tuscan hill town became the most Scottish place in Italy, Clive learns the art of playing the bagpipes and sets off on an Indiana Jones-style adventure.
Clive makes gelato and learns why it's healthier than ice cream, gets a makeover from Florence’s most stylish man, and stays in a hotel that’s a homage to Italian design.