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By the 4th century AD, the Roman Empire is in decline, and the Colosseum, once a proud symbol of the Empire’s glory, lies empty. One man turns to the arena to restore Rome.

Series 1
All Roman rulers put great value on spectacles and games, but only one, Commodus, the son of Marcus Aurelius, steps out of the Imperial Box and onto the sands of the arena.
One of the most famous scientists of the ancient world, Galen of Pergamon, makes a name for himself as a doctor for gladiators in the arena.
The public execution of criminals is a staple in the Colosseum, but during Trajan’s games, a growing underground religion begins to threaten Roman traditions - Christianity.
When Emperor Trajan stages his great games of AD107, the crowd is treated to a rare spectacle, female gladiators. A Roman named Mevia illustrates the challenges for women in Rome.
Over a million animals are slaughtered in the arena by trained beastmasters, none more famous than Carpophorus, but can he survive the challenge of battling 20 wild creatures?
Although master builder Haterius constructs the Colosseum where Nero’s Golden House once stood, his work is far from over.
In AD80, the Colosseum is open for business. Roman emperor Titus plans 100 days of games to commemorate, including an epic battle to the death between gladiators Priscus and Verus.