Defenders: Busting The Bad Guys

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Defenders: Busting The Bad Guys

Dangerous asbestos is found illegally dumped in a storage container near a school. But who put it there? The Defenders are determined to hunt them down and bring them to justice.

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Series 6
A young couple are left in pieces when a cowboy builder ruins their home. But the Defenders step in, determined to get justice on their behalf.
The Defenders catch a man helping people cheat their driving test. He’s captured on CCTV impersonating genuine learner drivers and sitting the theory test for them.
Can the Defenders find the pilot of a rogue drone that nearly caused a catastrophic mid-air collision with a World War II Hurricane?
A couple have a lucky escape when paving slabs fall off the back of a lorry. To prevent incidents like this, the Defenders are checking HGVs to make sure loads are secure.
The holiday scam raking in millions of pounds. But the net is closing on the shameless travel agent who is leaving families out of pocket and stranded in the sun.
Shocking river pollution – but is Britain’s biggest water company to blame? The Defenders investigate as thousands of dead fish are discovered in contaminated 'dead rivers'.
Buyers beware! The lethal danger of button batteries in toys. The Defenders raid suspect shops after a baby nearly dies.
A teen schoolgirl goes undercover to expose shops selling illegal vapes to children.
A young boy is electrocuted on a train track. But who is to blame? The Defenders make a shocking discovery.