Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed!

Series 2

Series 2, Episode 40 - Gnasher Dash

0 x
Gnasher is practically immobile inside a full-body cast. When he goes missing, Dennis and the gang race all over Beanotown to find him, always one step behind the helpless hound.

Series 2, Episode 32 - The Beat Goes On

0 x
Rubi’s dance machine gets accidentally muddled up with Crusty the Robot Pie’s coding. Dennis and Gnasher have to dance on it all day or Crusty’s entire persona will be wiped forever!

Series 2, Episode 18 - Inventor's Block

4 x
Dennis doesn’t realise that the pressure he’s putting on Rubi to excel in the school science fair is giving her a severe case of inventor’s block.

Series 2, Episode 44 - School of Life

0 x
In an attempt to enhance her teaching skills, Miss Mistry arranges to tag along with Dennis and the gang after school.

Series 2, Episode 17 - President Dennis

4 x
Dennis is accidentally elected class president and is eager to shed the burden that comes with the title. However, every daft class policy he declares only makes him more popular.

Series 2, Episode 39 - The Hairy Wiggler...

0 x
Dennis dresses Gnasher up as a rare breed of animal which he says is nesting in Bash Street School, hoping to get the school shut down on the day of a daunting and difficult test.

Series 2, Episode 31 - Eco Worriers

1 x
Dennis and the gang take on the power of WilburCorp to stop Walter’s new line of collectable toys ruining the Beanotown environment with all its wasteful plastic packaging.

Series 2, Episode 38 - Partners in Crime...

1 x
While helping Sergeant Slipper prove that he has what it takes to remain Beanotown’s policeman, the gang unknowingly become entangled in Doctor Pfooflepfeffer’s real theft.

Series 2, Episode 30 - Learning to Lose

0 x
JJ applies for an elite sporting school. However, not realising it's miles away from Beanotown, he needs to do badly in the sporting assessment to get out of it.

Series 2, Episode 37 - JJ's Lucky Day

0 x
The gang find out that JJ has a set of pre-match good luck rituals. In the run-up to an important Blamjitsu event, Walter deviously throws bad luck omens into JJ’s path.

Series 2, Episode 29 - Screwtop School

0 x
Professor von Screwtop gets mistaken for the new kid in school and joins Class 3C for the day.

Series 2, Episode 36 - WOAH! So Quiet

0 x
Walter and Dennis go head to head in a sponsored silence. Being quiet doesn’t come naturally to either of them, as they struggle to make it through a chaotic school day and keep schtumm.

Series 2, Episode 28 - Chez Bash

0 x
Olive surprises herself and everyone around her by actually becoming a good cook.

Series 2, Episode 35 - The Order of the Golden Sausage...

0 x
Dennis leads the gang on the baffling trail of a mysterious Beanotown secret society.

Series 2, Episode 27 - The Bash Street Bogeyman...

1 x
In the run-up to the school play, spooky goings-on around the school make the gang wonder if the mythical Bash Street Bogeyman might be real, and still stalking the corridors.

Series 2, Episode 16 - Thumb Wars

3 x
In a somewhat misguided attempt to resolve Dennis and Walter’s spiralling competitiveness, Miss Mistry offers thumb wrestling as a solution.

Series 2, Episode 43 - Failing to Register...

2 x
Determined to prove he can accomplish a task without getting distracted, Dennis takes on the simple job of bringing the class register to the school office.

Series 2, Episode 15 - Boarding Beano

18 x
Doctor Pfooflepfeffer’s first act as head of governors is to turn Bash Street School into a boarding school. However, the pupils devise a series of daring attempts to escape.

Series 2, Episode 34 - The Artful Gnasher...

0 x
When Dennis thinks Gnasher has trashed a valuable piece of hideous art, the gang try desperately to cover up the damage and produce a decoy that is as convincingly terrible as the original.

Series 2, Episode 26 - Teacher Off

0 x
Miss Mistry and Mrs Creecher clash over the best way to teach Class 3C about butterflies. The gang just want to get out of school in time for a Grizzly Griller Wildlife Event.