Series 267

Series 267, Episode 1 - Is Your Online Habit Killing the Planet?

4.5 38 x
...the Planet? Dispatches: Sophie Morgan investigates the carbon footprint of the tech industry, as she discovers some shocking truths about the hidden cost of our online habits.

November 2, 2020

4.0 16 x
...Dispatches: As the furlough scheme ends, Dispatches follows a minimum-wage vacancy at a Manchester restaurant, which attracts almost 1000 applicants as unemployment rates spiral.

October 26, 2020

4.0 35 x
As Britain's service industry battles to survive Covid-19, Dispatches investigates the promises made by hotels, trains and pubs of 'deep cleans' and 'enhanced hygiene practices'.

S265 E1: The Truth About Traveller Crime

4.5 202 x
Dispatches: Theft, vandalism, violence - some of the crimes linked to several Traveller communities in England. A look at the truth behind stories of criminality and lawlessness.

S264 E1: Sex, Money & Power: The Dirty Secrets of Davos

3.0 77 x
...Secrets of Davos - Dispatches: Cate Brown investigates allegations of sexism and harassment in Davos at the annual summit of world leaders and businessmen.

S263 E1: Britain's Train Hell

3.0 21 x
As rail commuters face rising fares, delays and overcrowding, the Government plans an HS2 that won't run until 2040. For now, asks Liam Halligan, how do we fix our trains?

S262 E1: Celebs for Sale: The Great Charity Scandal

3.0 19 x
...Charity Scandal - Dispatches: A special investigation reveals celebrities charging huge fees to support charities, as some of the most famous people in Britain profit from charity work.

S261 E1: Starbucks & Nespresso: The Truth About Your Coffee

4.0 98 x
...Truth About Your Coffee - Dispatches: Antony Barnett visits Guatemala to find young kids working long hours in gruelling conditions picking coffee beans for Starbucks and Nespresso.

S260 E1: The Secrets of Big Tobacco: Has Philip Morris...

3.0 22 x
...Has Philip Morris International Really Given Up Smoking? - Dispatches: Examining the truth behind one of the biggest tobacco firms' claims to be promoting a smoke-free future.

Growing Up Poor: Britain's Breadline Kids

Expired 3.5 147 x
In Britain, 4.1 million children are growing up in poverty. Dispatches follows three families to show what life is like if there's not enough money for life's essentials.