North Korea: Life Inside the Secret State

3.0 1 x
North Korean citizens reveal what life is like for the 24 million people who live in the world's most secretive country, where every aspect of their life is controlled by the state

Born on the Breadline

Expired 3.0 9 x
Dispatches examines the growing need for baby banks in the UK and meets the working parents who are turning to them, to provide their young children with nappies, clothes, toys and cots

Cannabis: Time to End the Ban?

Expired 4.0 25 x
Over two million people smoke cannabis in the UK. Some police forces no longer prosecute for possession. Canada and several American States have legalised it. So should the UK follow suit?

Witness Intimidation Revealed

Expired 4.0 3 x
Dispatches explores the dark world of online witness intimidation, meeting gangsters who threaten 'stitches for snitches' and families of witnesses who paid the price for telling the truth in court

Lawless Britain: Where Are the Police?

Expired 4.0 18 x
Dispatches meets the victims of crimes that the police choose not to investigate

How to Lose Seven Billion Pounds

Expired 3.0 15 x
Liam Halligan unfolds the story of Carillion, the vast British company that was built on billions of pounds of public money and that imploded in January 2018

Breastfeeding Uncovered

Expired 3.0 35 x
Kate Quilton investigates why Britain has some of the worst breastfeeding rates in the world, and also explores the scientific benefits of breast milk

Homeless and Working

Expired 3.0 24 x
Dispatches goes behind the scenes in two homeless shelters to reveal the growing number of people who are in work but homeless, because they can't afford expensive private rents in a low-wage economy

Plot to Kill: Britain's Neo-Nazi Terrorists

Expired 4.0 50 x
With exclusive access to the secretive world of Britain's new neo-Nazis, Dispatches tells the inside story of a far-right terrorist plot to murder an MP, and how the plan was betrayed to the police

Getting Rich from the Housing Crisis

Expired 4.0 57 x
As Britain faces a major housing shortage, how is it that some of those who are responsible for providing the social housing that we so desperately need seem to be doing so well out of the crisis?
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