DNA Family Secrets

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DNA Family Secrets

Charlotte looks for her dad after losing her mother. Rogie tries to find a secret sibling. And Lviss investigates whether his ancestry really is Nigerian.

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Series 3
Adopted Laura is searching for any siblings, Anthony, Sally and Karen want to uncover the truth about their father’s other child, and Julie is looking for answers about her ancestry.
Judy looks for her missing father, who was deported after World War II, presumed dead. John questions his ancestry, and Ukrainian sisters Svitlana and Oksana look for family in Britain.
Steph is a foundling looking for her biological family, while Mark wants to know if he really is Egyptian. Viv is searching for the sister who was taken from her mother in Ireland.
Kerry wants to establish her father's true identity. Twins Madison and Sydney want to find their egg donor, and Anthony, 77, wants to discover who his American GI father is.
Olympic athlete Sarah wants to find her father. Jean, 91, wants to know if her mum died during WW2, and twins Tanya and Kim want to discover their origins before time runs out
Series 2
Seventy-nine-year-old Jackie grew up in a Nazi concentration camp and wonders if any family escaped the Holocaust. Maureen wants to know if her father was actually an African-American GI.
Richard is on a lifelong mission to discover the identity of his father, Janet wants to know if she has a secret sister, and Glen hopes his DNA can finally reveal his ancestry.
Series 1
Stacey Dooley helps answer life-changing questions through the power of DNA. A set of adopted triplets want to discover their ethnicity, and gene therapy could stop Leo going blind.
Stacey Dooley helps answer life-changing questions through the power of DNA. Bill wants to learn what happened to his father, while Charlie asks if she is safe from a deadly disease.
Series 2
Five sisters in Lancashire want to know if they are full or half siblings, while former sperm donor Luke wonders if he might have fathered any children in the 1980s.
Georgina is trying to find her Portuguese dad, while Matthew is wondering if he might be half Caribbean. Michaela and Richie are testing their son’s DNA for the genetic disorder 'bubble boy disease'.
Clare wonders if her dad was a British soldier during the Troubles, while Leigh is searching for his sister. Jenna and Ryan are hoping DNA testing can help them grow their family.
Mel wants to know her sperm donor father’s identity, while Fi wonders if she might have passed down a 'murder gene' to her kids. Bahaa worries he will get cancer like his brother.