Series 22

Series 22, Episode 118 - Nesting

3.0 3 x
An old face makes a surprise return as protests erupt against the Mill. One of Ruhma’s young mums is keeping a heart-warming secret from her.

Series 22, Episode 117 - Open Wound

4.0 4 x
Daniel and Bear try to help Luca, but he won’t play ball. Karen worries if there’s anything left to fight for. Sid tries to help someone who can’t face being in the same room as Luca.

Series 22, Episode 116 - Bring Me the Head of Alfredo's Pizzeria

4.0 3 x
Daniel and Emma try to help Luca deal with the fallout from yesterday, Bear confronts Makeda about the past, and Ruhma reluctantly helps a couple with a missing ring.

Series 22, Episode 115 - This Is Me

3.0 10 x
Luca reveals too much about himself to help a patient, while Ruhma tries to help Valerie with her wedding plans. Al helps a couple of old protesters struggling with retirement.

Series 22, Episode 114 - Something of the Night

3.0 3 x
Karen goes on a date, but will Rob notice? Bear tries to make Makeda’s release from hospital as pleasant as possible. Emma has to deal with two troublesome teenagers in custody.

Series 22, Episode 113 - Killed to Death

4.0 8 x
Karen contemplates a radical idea from Maggie to fix things with Rob. Sid and Laurence go skydiving, and a patient is found dead in suspicious circumstances.

Series 22, Episode 112 - Beacons

4.0 5 x
Jimmi counsels a patient who is struggling with the new normal.

Series 22, Episode 111 - Someone Else's Problem

3.0 5 x
Bear’s meeting doesn’t go to plan, Ruhma tries to convince everyone to rally round for Valerie’s wedding, and Rob bonds with a suspect who has amnesia.

Series 22, Episode 110 - The Test

4.5 9 x
Bear is forced to make a decision as Makeda faces a major operation. Al encourages his patient to tell a painful secret to her daughter-in-law.

Series 22, Episode 109 - Compulsion

3.0 5 x
Bear struggles when his mum begs him to drop his complaint against the hospital. Emma suspects a case of coercive control but is surprised to find out the truth is not as it seems.