February 2020

Series 21: 67. Castles in the Air

4.0 3 x
Karen and Rob start a new fostering chapter, and tragedy strikes for Al and a homeless mother.

Series 21: 66. Mountains

3.0 2 x
Emma behaves like a teenager in preparation for her date with Jasmine, Ayesha surveils Bear, and Sid has to deal with a severe case of OCD.

Series 21: 65. And Then There Were Three

4.0 2 x
Female police officer Jasmine catches Emma’s eye, while frostiness between Al and Daniel continues.

Series 21: 64. I Can See Clearly Now

4.0 2 x
Daniel spends time trying to convince an elderly inmate to see the light.

Series 21: 63. Talking Through

4.0 2 x
Ruhma and Sid oversee an extremely complicated pregnancy, Emma and Lena hash things out, and Daniel gets an unwanted audience.

Series 21: 62. Checkmates

3.0 5 x
Valerie helps a patient track down her virtual lover.

Series 21: 61. Am I Worth It?

4.0 5 x
A visit from an old friend forces Karen to confront her past, and Bear tries to get in on Ayesha and Valerie’s Galantine’s Day celebration.

Series 21: 60. Food for the Dogs

4.0 2 x
Al and Sister Joy deal with a load of stolen dog food, and Joe's friendship with 'Pixie' takes a sinister turn.

Series 21: 59. The Reaper

4.0 4 x
A grieving mother takes the law into her own hands to get justice for her son.

Series 21: 58. No Way Out

3.0 3 x
Bedridden Jake falls for Willow and finds himself peddling her snake oil.
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