Series 24

NewSeries 24, Episode 176 - Waiting

5 x
Rob tries to make a good impression, Kirsty has a surprising proposal for Bear, and Zara encounters a bride with a big secret.

NewSeries 24, Episode 175 - Mother Nature

7 x
Rob meets his new foster child, Kirsty needs a challenge, and Ruhma’s home visit reveals an unexpected family connection.

NewSeries 24, Episode 174 - Snapped

4 x
Suni waits for the outcome from the panel, Scarlett opens up to Ruhma, and an amputee struggles to accept his new situation.

NewSeries 24, Episode 173 - Don't Try So Hard

7 x
Jimmi worries about Harry. Suni struggles with his guilt, as does Nina. And a student hides a secret that could change his relationship.

Series 24, Episode 172 - Live and Let Dai

2 x
Suni waits for the outcome of the panel, Luca and Maria face an uncomfortable truth, Rob finds out he has a new challenge, and a clumsy husband tries to help his wife have a baby.

Series 24, Episode 171 - Hindsight

3 x
Suni faces a peer review panel about Harry.

Series 24, Episode 170 - Driving Miss Scarlett

3 x
Luca is surprised to find Joel back, Zara and Bear arrange a review panel, and Scarlett goes on her driving test.

Series 24, Episode 169 - Revelations and Complications

3 x
Jimmi and Bear desperately try to talk to Zara, Scarlett is dreading her driving test, and Maria helps Joel look for a rental.

Series 24, Episode 168 - Sunshine in the Rain

7 x
Harry is found in a bad way, whilst Maria and Joel turn up the heat. Kirsty helps a family through their grief.

Series 24, Episode 167 - Goodnight Dr Haskey

11 x
Al is questioned by the police about a former patient.

Series 24, Episode 166 - Overwhelmed

4 x
Sid crosses paths with Harry, and Joel plans another visit to Letherbridge. Ruhma offers a hand to someone from her past.

Series 24, Episode 165 - The Lairy Godmother

5 x
Scarlett comes to the aid of a friend but is left questioning Suni’s commitment. Nina helps a patient come to terms with growing older.

Series 24, Episode 164 - Bad Owners

4 x
Nina is nervous about giving a lecture at the university, while Bear warns people about Harry.

Series 24, Episode 163 - Unmasked

5 x
Jimmi’s frustration with someone impersonating him grows. Luca is in for a nice surprise. And the impostor doctor successfully helps a young neurodivergent girl.

Series 24, Episode 162 - All That Sparkles

6 x
Scarlett embarks on a day of fun with an old friend.

Series 24, Episode 161 - Coddiwomple

3 x
Nina protests her point about pain, Ruhma piques Al’s curiosity, and Luca welcomes his old friend Maria to Letherbridge. Al helps a young couple find the truth.

Series 24, Episode 160 - The Gift

3 x
Jimmi is perplexed by a misdiagnosed student, while Zara and Al discuss plans for the future. Suni listens to a woman with an unusual gift.

Series 24, Episode 159 - The King of Infinite Space

4 x
Jimmi, Ruhma and Zara learn more about Al’s past.

Series 24, Episode 158 - Mrs Naked

6 x
Jimmi helps a patient come down from a high, while Nina’s confrontation with Ed leaves her feeling deflated. Bear opens the curtain on a patient’s recent problem with gymnophobia.

Series 24, Episode 157 - Fish Bicycle

9 x
Sid and Suni come head-to-head during a first aid course. Luca helps one of his idols overcome their insecurity.