Dr Xand's Con Or Cure

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Dr Xand's Con Or Cure

Tips on getting a good night’s sleep, and is castor oil a cure-all? Also, a look at the dangers of skin-lightening creams, and whether crossing your legs can cause varicose veins.

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Series 2
Can spices help with our health? Is drinking lettuce juice the key to a good night’s sleep? Are online food intolerance tests worth the money? And a look at the dangers of aerosol cans.
Are collagen supplements worth the money? Do microwaves remove the goodness from food? And is tongue scraping a good idea?
The dangers of long-term steroid use for eczema. How to stop snoring. Can a base tan prevent sunburn? And why drinking saltwater can be fatal.
A look at eye supplements and the dangers of buying prescription medication online. Also, is there a cure for hiccups, and can a red onion drink cure the cold?
A look at the online weight loss drugs that could kill you. Are allergy nasal sprays addictive, and can you die of a broken heart? Plus, the dangers of tattoo numbing cream.
The dangers of using antidepressants long term, how to deal with stress, and the groundbreaking virtual reality treatment for stroke and brain injuries. Also, is aloe vera juice good for you?
The dangers of home dental kits, how to be healthy in old age and the latest on painful mesh implants.
A look at the baby hearing test scandal and the dangers of home gel nail kits. Also, does reading in dim light damage our eyes, and can ice cure acne?
A look at some of the latest back pain gadgets and robotic pets that help people with dementia. There's also a shocking tale of care home abuse. And is stifling a sneeze dangerous?
Is there a cure for a hangover? Can drinking celery juice help with weight loss? Also, a look at the dangers of DIY dentistry and advice on dealing with tinnitus.
Can a public toilet seat cause infectious diseases? Are non-branded painkillers OK? Also, the woman who spent £25,000 on a cure that was a con and the dangers of low-cost cosmetic surgery.
Do detoxing gadgets work? Tips on helping us with our sleep. A revolutionary scientific advance that might spell the end of mammograms. And the dangers of weight loss surgery abroad.
Can eating spicy curry cause ulcers? Advice on helping someone with an eating disorder. Beware of the small print in your travel insurance. And gadgets to help with headaches.
A revolutionary treatment for depression available on the high street. What gadgets can help seasonal affective disorder? Is neck cracking dangerous? And can cheese cause nightmares?