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Expert Witness

An expert in mobile phone technology tracks the movements of a murder suspect, and an expert in art fraud determines whether a very expensive painting is genuine or fake.

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Series 2
Blood spatter analysis helps identify the killer of a body found in a suitcase, and an expert helps in a serious case of financial fraud that cost some victims their life savings.
Police turn to a footprint analyst and a pollen expert to help solve a murder in Manchester, and a soil expert unearths the evidence needed to arrest a gang of treasure thieves.
A blood spatter analyst unlocks the mystery of a woman murdered in her own car, and an expert witness uses a mobile phone to help detectives solve a baffling murder case.
An expert in microscopic lifeforms helps solve the murder of a teenager, and a handwriting expert assists an old lady whose house has been sold without consent.
When a young nurse disappears, a soil analyst helps find her body and solve the crime. A digital imaging expert proves that what was thought to be an accidental death was murder.
An expert witness uses soil analysis to find the body of a missing woman feared murdered, and a cell site expert uses his tracking skills to catch a killer in Northern Ireland.
A fibre analyst helps convict the killer of grandmother Maureen Cosgrove, and how forensic evidence was used in the case of serial child killer Robert Black 40 years ago.
Series 3
Evidence unearthed by a forensic archaeologist helps to catch a young woman's killer. And a case of harrowing neglect suffered by a Welsh teenager is revealed by an insect expert.
A dentist’s expertise in forensics helps police to connect a man to the disappearance of his wife. And a soil expert helps to bring convictions against three heritage thieves.
When a decomposed body is washed up on a Dutch beach, a UK facial reconstruction expert helps uncover the identity.
Detectives hunting the killer of a young woman from Bolton require the help of a fibre and DNA specialist to arrest their suspect.
When a woman is found dead in an Egyptian hotel room, a toxicologist uncovers a sinister murder plot. And police turn to a cell communications analyst to solve a teacher's murder.
When a teenager’s body is located in a shallow grave, a soil specialist is called on to unearth evidence to convict the killer.
A fibre specialist from the UK brings closure to Australia’s longest-running murder investigation. And a forensic pharmacologist ensures a murder charge after two brutal killings.
A blood residue specialist leads police to the killers of an East Sussex waiter, brutally bludgeoned in his flat.
An expert witness helps police link a drug gang to the death of a Vietnamese man in Wales. And DNA experts gather evidence that identifies the killer of a man from Bristol.
When a young man is stabbed to death, a facial recognition expert helps Merseyside Police catch the killer.
When two men are wrongly convicted of murder, a forensic blood spatter analyst helps to prove their innocence.
When a woman is the victim of an acid attack in Brighton, an expert pieces together hours of CCTV footage to identify the suspect.