Fake or Fortune?

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Fake or Fortune?

A sculpture found at a car boot sale in Essex bears striking similarities to the work of Elisabeth Frink. Can the team prove it’s part of an edition sculpted by her in the 1950s?

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Series 10
Could an epic work in a church in Port Glasgow be a lost masterpiece by one of the great painters of Northern Renaissance art, or is this depiction of Christ a much lesser work?
Americans Kim and Chuck believe their landscape painting is by one of the founders of impressionism, Alfred Sisley. Can the team help them build a case and prove its authenticity?
Henrietta Sitwell inherited a sketch she believed to be by the 20th-century artist Amedeo Modigliani, but she has also been told it might not be genuine. Can the team find some answers?
Series 11
Could a mysterious canvas covered in white paint be hiding a lost painting by one of the most important painters of the 20th century, Armenian-American artist Arshile Gorky?
Could two simple sketches be by great French artists Pissarro and Cezanne? The team set out to gather evidence to prove they’re genuine.
A painting bought from an online auction in Monaco described as 'in the style of Sir Joshua Reynolds' looks promising, but could something murkier be lurking beneath the paint?
Series 10
Could a curious wall painting discovered in the bedroom of a Surrey cottage be the work of one of the pioneers of modern British art, Ben Nicholson?