Gym Stars

June 2019

Series 2: 13. It's Time to Be Amazing

3.0 0 x
Harry and George take on new acro partnership Dove and Nyree at the South West Championships.

Series 2: Episode 12

4.0 1 x
Trampoline gymnast Corey is back at the trampoline British Championships - but can he retain his British champion title now that he has moved into an older age group?

Series 2: Episode 11

3.0 1 x
Can Theo control his nerves when he competes at the British Trampoline Championships?

Series 2: 10. Chasing Dreams

4.0 2 x
Ekraj has been selected for the South West team and is hoping to perform his very best to help win the team a medal at the National Championships.
May 2019

Series 2: Episode 9

3.0 2 x
Amelie and Phoebe are competing at the European Championships with the junior Team GB.

Series 2: 8. We Can Be Heroes

3.0 5 x
Amelie and Phoebe receive some exciting news and are off to train alongside the seniors.

Series 2: 7. Give Me Some Sass

4.0 7 x
The returning Gym Stars face their toughest challenges yet and there are some new hopefuls, going all out to prove they have what it takes to be the best in their sport.

Series 2: 6. When Nerves Attack

3.0 5 x
Luke has an attack of nerves at the English Trampoline Championships, and Kashvi and Pilagia’s rhythmic team set their sights on gold.
April 2019

Series 2: 5. Fighting to the Finish

4.0 2 x
Alana and Morgan have a fight on their hands at their first ever English Trampoline Championships and Ekraj reluctantly reveals his new routines with some unexpected results

Series 2: 4. Everything to Lose

3.0 4 x
Daniel and his acrobatic team head to Portugal to represent GB for the very first time. Olympians Nile Wilson and Amy Tinkler vow to beat Amelie and Phoebe on the beam.
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