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Hell's Kitchen

US cooking competition. The final two contestants are tasked with designing a menu.

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Series 22
US cooking competition. The final three contestants face one more guest chef challenge.
US cooking competition. The chefs race to the finale as they face a Grand Prix challenge.
The chefs learn that influence can make or break their future.
It's time for Gordon to hand out the legendary black jackets.
The blind food taste test returns with a new out-of-this-world challenge.
Olympian Jordan Chiles shows the chefs a gymnastics-themed challenge.
The chefs are given a crash course in business.
Tensions rise as the chefs face their most difficult challenge yet.
An intense BBQ challenge is judged by pitmaster Aaron Franklin.
The chefs go head-to-head in a football-themed cuisine challenge.
US cooking competition. The infamous surf and turf relay challenge splits the chefs.
The contestants create elevated comfort food dishes.
Disaster strikes when raw chicken and cold steak are served.
The first dinner service involves raw meat and bad communication.
Catch the new series where contestants compete to do a signature dish.