Mon 20 Feb, 6.30pm

3.0 7 x
Problems arise between Ste and Harry, prompting Ste to turn to John Paul. Joel sets up a fundraiser, but is floored when faced with Shane. Zack comes to Leela's rescue and asks her out.

Fri 17 Feb, 6.30pm

4.0 8 x
Harry is jealous when he thinks Ste and John Paul are getting closer. Scott and Mercedes discover something juicy at James's flat, while Prince makes headway with Lily.

Thu 16 Feb, 6.30pm

4.0 6 x
Lisa has been on a night out and intends to tell someone about Mac. Tony asks Diane why there's no money in their current account. What is she hiding?

Wed 15 Feb, 6.30pm

4.0 11 x
Myra is at the hospital, while Cleo fills Joel in on Bart's return... a ghost from his past. Lisa tells Mac that everyone needs to know the truth.

Tue 14 Feb, 6.30pm

3.0 14 x
Myra is stunned by Sally's revelation. The McQueens and Jesse gather for Celine's funeral. Cleo is struggling to hold onto her feelings for Nathan, while Myra receives a shock.
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