September 2017

Tue 26 Sep, 6.30pm

4.0 0 x
Prince causes a fight with Damon while the Maalik's search for missing Yasmine. Holly is worried about Ellie's behaviour.

Mon 25 Sep, 6.30pm

3.0 4 x
Mac catches Neeta out again while the Maaliks move into their new home and get some good news. Maxine and Darcy have a run-in, and Ellie and Holly plan a spa night.

Fri 22 Sep, 6.30pm

4.0 6 x
Neeta and Hunter are paired together for an art project, but they're in danger of being caught when they get too close for comfort

Thu 21 Sep, 6.30pm

3.0 4 x
Tracey wants Grace to go away with her, but Grace has other more sinister plans. Scott is reunited with an old face, and Tegan questions Courtney's motives.

Wed 20 Sep, 6.30pm

3.0 3 x
Scott's lying gets out of hand, while Courtney and Jesse begin to bond

Tue 19 Sep, 6.30pm

4.0 7 x
Jesse proposes to Darcy again in front of the family. Scott is filled with jealousy, while the memory of Bart looms over Joel.

Mon 18 Sep, 6.30pm

4.0 7 x
Darcy turns to Adam for money again, while Maxine unintentionally gives Jesse false hope. Myra passes Cleo some relationship advice.

Fri 15 Sep, 6.30pm

4.0 8 x
Grace is feeling confident, and Darren confides in Jack. Meanwhile, Joel questions Cleo's feelings.

Thu 14 Sep, 6.30pm

4.0 3 x
Warren is suspicious of Sienna's actions, and Nancy lashes out at Darren, who is later tempted by old habits...

Wed 13 Sep, 6.30pm

4.0 6 x
Sienna and Kim continue lying, but will they get caught this time? Meanwhile, Brody makes a wise decision.