October 2017

Tue 17 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 5 x
Diane is furious when she discovers Tony's lies, while Peri and Yasmine are shocked by what they find out about Lily

Mon 16 Oct, 6.30pm

3.0 5 x
Glenn and Grace are alarmed by recent findings, while Mandy gets a loan to help Tony. Yasmine and Peri are jealous over Lily's idea for the journalism competition.

Fri 13 Oct, 6.30pm

3.0 6 x
Tony joins Damon, Brody and Mac for a poker game, while Lily goes up against Yasmine and Peri in a journalism competition to win an internship

Thu 12 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 4 x
Myra is suspicious when Cleo and Joel decide to bring their trip to Tanzania forward

Wed 11 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 5 x
Frankie is left looking the worse for wear and Tony wants to buy back Nightingales. Meanwhile, Glenn comes to Sienna's rescue.

Tue 10 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 8 x
This episode focuses on Tony's emotional journey as he struggles to come to terms with recent news

Mon 9 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 4 x
Tony is devastated by some news, while Mac shows Damon and Brody who's boss. Meanwhile, an old face returns and Cleo opens up.

Fri 6 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 10 x
Ryan breaks down over a memory of Amy. Tony gets a new opportunity that he has always wanted, but can he make it work?

Thu 5 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 9 x
Damon turns to drink to forget his troubles. Grace and Sienna are on a mission, while Marnie leaves Scott to look after Nightingales, but it all goes wrong.

Wed 4 Oct, 6.30pm

4.0 5 x
Tegan urges Courtney to take some time off, while Holly and Milo team up. Farrah confronts Scott, who assures her that he is okay, but is he hiding the truth?