Mon 23 Jan, 6.30pm

3.0 19 x
Things take a sinister turn when Courtney throws Tegan's phone in the water and disturbs something lurking beneath. Warren surprises Ste, while Lisa chooses between Mac and Nathan again.

Fri 20 Jan, 6.30pm

4.0 14 x
Leela worries about who overheard her in the hospital. Nathan forgets Lisa's birthday and she is furious. Ellie questions Freddie about why he's been Awol all day.

Thu 19 Jan, 6.30pm

4.0 14 x
Esther is still struggling with her memory. Nancy tells Darren that her test results have arrived, and Leela feels guilty when Peri admits that she needs her dad.

Wed 18 Jan, 6.30pm

4.0 10 x
Ellie quarrels with Freddie, and things are awkward between Louis and Leela in Price Slice. Louis is intrigued when Tegan reveals they're registering Daniel today.

Tue 17 Jan, 6.30pm

4.0 12 x
Kim makes a panicked phone call to Grace asking her to get to the hospital. When Grace and Adam arrive, a team of nurses rush to Esther's room. Ellie surprises Marnie at the hospital.
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